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a good relationship doesn't

A good relationship doesn't:

- make you frequently cry
- make you sneak around to get your needs met (talking about cuddling)
- make you feel like you'll never achieve your goals
- make you feel inferior, or unsexy
- ask you to be unhappy so that the other person can be satisfied (such as moving to Texas)
- move in with someone untrustworthy, like a drug dealer
- put his family before you
- make you feel bad when you're tired during a hike
- doubt that you'll achieve goals, no matter how small or big
- shrug off the fact that you're too cold or too hot in a given setting, physically
- say "well, I'm not sure who else I'd marry" at the dinner table with family

Those were all about R.

But I just thought about a negative side of Creg...

He talked to his dad about me. He talked to his friends about me. If a guy is talking to his parent and friends rather than consulting himself and his partner regarding relationship issues, then he is NOT relationship material. Period. Couples sort that stuff out between themselves.

Parents and friends, although wonderful parts of life, are less important than partners. Unless maybe they're in a coma and can't talk.

11:33 pm - Monday, Nov. 23, 2020


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