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you can look at my butt

Today was the fourth time I met with the cuddle buddy -- the doctor.

I went to his father's place, where he lived for a little while when transitioning to his new place.

There was an area of the house with cameras, which he directed me away from.

There was a crib in the room we fooled around in, which is a first for me!

He teased me, wouldn't let me cum. It was so frustrating!

He wants to try maybe a butt plug while using a vibrator in me? I'm not sure where I am on that one.

He's also talked about me tasting his cum. We'll see.

We flirted in the elevator on the way back down to my car. Pretended we were meeting for the very first time. It was cute.

It's nice to see a part of his world for a change.

He reminded me of this gem of a video, the "Hi Stranger - You Can Look At My Butt" claymation

10:09 pm - Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2020


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