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Doctor Dom

We had another encounter! This time I tied him up instead, and with a blindfold.

He wasn't in his "cock cage" contraption, I'm happy to say.

I liked being able to look at his body very closely, without worrying that he would think I was objectifying him. I could really... take it all in, so to speak. Without feeling self-conscious. He has a beautiful physique.

I've never looked at a man's naked body so closely before.

We cuddled some too, which was lovely. I could cuddle for hours!

He had a harder time staying focused, haha!


He told a wonderful story of his first thoughts about BDSM. He had a crush on a pretty teacher, and had fantasies of being locked in her dungeon. When he first had the fantasy, he came, and then ran to his parents, because an orgasm is very confusing as a kid!

Then he had many more nights thinking of her. ^_^

We talked about how BDSM can feel instrinsic from an early age. With his first girlfriends, he would try choking/asphyxiation, even though he'd never actually seen those things performed.

I told him about how I stopped masturbating for many years

He lost his virginity at 21. The way he described his encounter with this first woman was pretty exciting... the first woman to ever touch him, down there. What a thrill.


He has had me edging, and I edged so much that I came. It was 6 or so times that I nearly finished!

He isn't allowing porn.

He asked me to remember the day he tied me down as I edged. So I did --

I loved being so completely out of control of the situation. Not knowing what will happen next. He would wander off into different parts of my bedroom, and I wouldn't know what his plans were. Punishment? Pleasure? I could never be sure.

My mind wandered as I recalled the scene, and I began to fantasize about him sitting in a chair stroking his cock, while I laid in bed and stroked myself. I was calling him Daddy, and he called me sweet pet names like babygirl, naughty girl, bad girl, good girl -- even little girl, which I didn't think I was into.

It was saccharine, but he wouldn't let me sit on top of him, and he wouldn't let me cum. He would chuckle knowingly as I got close to the edge, and run his fingers through my hair. Just so sweet...more of a psychological torture, than a physical one. We were looking right at each other, not blindfolded.


I broke a promise to my Dom and watched porn... there was one about a guy in a cock cage. His Domme let him out of the cage, teased him mercilessly, and then used ice packs to cool down his erection -- only to put him back into the cage! Ouch. That poor guy!

She was so calm and collected about it, too. He was begging her to cum several times, but she just kept denying. Her evil was quite sweet.

Then I saw another video where a man edged with a Fleshlight. He stroked for about 10 minutes, and narrated how turned on he was, how he could feel every groove of his toy. He had been withholding for 9 days, he said. That's nothing compared to what the doctor has withstood!


The doctor likes me to call him Master, which I enjoy, too.

He looked up "Outercourse" on wikipedia and says he got a hard on while reading -- that's what day after day of edging will do. :)


Tomorrow we have another meeting in the morning. He will probably read this, and I'll be in deep trouble.

9:21 pm - Friday, Dec. 04, 2020


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