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15 minutes of lame

So! Comparing notes...

There's a technique that Creg introduced me to. If you're watching a movie with someone, and it sucks, then at the 15 minute mark, you check in with your peer, and possibly switch to a more interesting show.

When I told R of this technique, he rejected it wholly, felt it was too impatient, and said we need to let the show develop/expand at its own pace. He would watch the WHOLE movie, even if it sucked.

When I told Rick of this technique, he said he had ADOS (Attention Defecit Ooh Shiny.) For him, 15 minutes was way too long a time to wait for a movie to become entertaining.

Fifteen minutes seems pretty sane... I'd have to agree with Creg on this one. Even though this isn't the time to be giving him any credit.

10:17 am - Friday, Dec. 11, 2020


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