backyard crowing


shitty roommate, shit colored dog

The brown pomeranian has made its entrance for the first time today.

Bad Roommate is head over heels in love, it's rather funny.

So far so whatever...

She has all her junk parked right in front of my bookshelf in the living room, and she (as usual) hasn't done her own dishes. The dog bed is more or less right outside my bedroom door, so if the dog ever gets barky, it'll be real close to my ears!

Other than that, she seems to be herself -- bossing around her boyfriend, etc.

Her honeymoon doggo period is still in full swing.

Her dog is afraid of her when she picks it up. Easily spooked. Smart kid!

She renamed it, and at one point she wasn't around, so I called it by the old name. :)

Sometimes it's the small wins.

6:27 pm - Saturday, Dec. 12, 2020


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