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you WISH you were a post pa!

I just reframed something recently --

One thing my roommate liked to brag about was how she "never was a Post PA, because she went straight to AE work." Hah!

I realized one day while looking at her job history that she had been a PA -- a Set PA, however, on mostly dumb reality shows. There were 3 or so gigs like that. She never mentions those.

And when you really think about it, Post PAs are the more valuable job, given that we're both on the same general career track of post production.

She wasn't a Post PA, eh? Well -- she'd have killed for one of those jobs, at that point in her life.

Funny how this never dawned on me.

Weed is sometimes a beautiful thing. :)

7:37 pm - Monday, Dec. 14, 2020


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