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the upside of arguing

Okay, I think I've hit upon what really bothered me about Creg breaking up with me, in the logical sense.

He was super vague as to why he was ending things. Why did that bug me? Because it left me with little to work with. The relationship seemed to be going swimmingly -- the breakup caught me by surprise.

Here's the thing... if he had been clear about things that bothered him, we could have worked them out.

If Creg was really committed, he'd fight with me, or argue, or protest. He wouldn't just say "oh, that's fine," when things weren't really fine.

But he didn't do that, he stayed quiet.

So now I know -- the man who doesn't argue with you a bit, doesn't actually want you.

12:14 pm - Thursday, Dec. 17, 2020


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