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small wins

I used a coloring book last night when I wasn't feeling so well.

It actually worked, I felt focused on the process, and artistically fulfilled. I colored an image of the Statue of Liberty, but made her black and with rainbow dyed hair.

It's called "America is a queer person of color, bleeding from the neck."

It's probably not normal to name your coloring book "art," haha!

I'm realizing that just like editing, coloring and "diamond coloring" is working with someone else's art and putting a personal twist on it. Making it more than it once was.


I'm tempted to buy a "coloring with diamonds" art thing to give to my good roommate -- it's a unicorn, dabbing.

(He dabs regularly on his livestream and is gay.)

Anyway, it's 18 dollars so I'm hesitant.

But it's also the holidays! Lol.


It was nice to finish an entire page of the coloring book. Feels like a small win.

1:08 pm - Friday, Dec. 18, 2020


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