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roommate revenge when I eventually move

When I eventually move, if Bad Roommate has opted to stay, I have a few revenge ideas that are legal:

- unplug the fridge

- turn off the gas

- unplug her stuff in the living room

- mess with common area heater

- reinstall the shitty ac unit in my room (so she has to take it back out)

- take everything that isn't actually hers (the green bowls, the 2 kiddie plates)

- toss away any empty boxes she may have

- tell landlord that she switched out her shower head (not allowed on the lease)

- tell landlord that her boyfriend is over constantly, what his name is, and send a photo of him

- take a shot of her alcohol

- grab something small and unnoticeable

- give her dog 1 chocolate chip

- toss out my sink strainer so she has to buy one - and anything in the common area that's mine, and any cleaners

- ask the girl who formerly lived here if I can have her table and chairs, which we currently use

- leave the common area just as gross as when I moved in

- let Good Roommate have first dibs on spaces in the common area that I will no longer take up (built in and free standing cabinetry, and bookshelf in living room)

If Good Roommate still lives here, I won't mess with the fridge...

Oh, and one more thing:

- Living well. :P

12:15 pm - Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020


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