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debating myself

Last time Doc read my journal, he said, "you do that a lot, you argue with yourself."

I guess this means I'm a little unsure of my own feelings and thoughts.

Uncertainty is the thing taking the wheel.

It's an important realization, I think.

But I'm not sure how to feel about it.

He's very decisive.

When we made the vegan Mac and cheese, he picked the very first recipe when we googled it. Didn't even glance at any other recipes!

It's freeing, to live life like that. He's a doer.

I have a tendency to look up ten different recipes and scan (or even read) them all before deciding on the perfect one.

There's joy in taking action and not worrying about the consequences.


Tomorrow is the platonic cuddle buddy.

"You can't trust yourself."

1:28 am - Saturday, Jan. 09, 2021


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