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It sounds like a weird thing, but I rewarded myself for having a good day today. I went to Bob's Big Boy and got their vegan burger.

I met up with my platonic cuddle buddy, and he was super encouraging. He could see that I was crying, and he hugged me, and then he started crying, too.

My interview went only so so, and he talked me through it, gave me lots of great advice on networking.

I told R about some of the best advice I got, and he cringed. He really doesn't "get" the freelance lifestyle.

The good piece of advice was:

If you don't get hired, consider this interview an introduction to the two people who did the interview. You now know their email addresses. You can watch their show. You can email them once a month to check in. You can let them know where you are, what projects you're up to, and compliment them on their latest episodes.

The point is to keep in touch, and regularly. Be annoying. If you bug them, one of three things will happen:

1. They ignore you.

2. They refer you to some other team.

3. They give you a job on their team.

But whatever the case, persistence pays off. Even if it's situation #1, if you practice this kind of persistence with all your contacts, you will eventually get there.

It's okay that R doesn't understand this! I just need to be sure not to take his advice. He means well, some of the time... but he just doesn't understand the entertainment industry.

I think he was high when he called. He spoke slowly.


Also -- when he visited, we went to a burrito place, and I opted to get a turkey burrito, instead of the veggie one. He said, "you probably could have eaten vegan, if you wanted to." But he knew I was considering a vegan diet only while eating at home. So okay, fine, point taken, but I certainly enjoyed that burrito. And I rarely eat out.

Then he turns around and says that the vegan burger at Bob's is processed, and probably not as good for you as meat -- which I highly doubt. So you see, I can't win with him! Eating out with him would be a nightmare.

As one of the vegan YouTube chefs once said, "I'm either too vegan, or I'm not vegan enough." That was Merle O'Neal.

9:38 pm - Saturday, Jan. 09, 2021


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