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I feel gross and fat. I'm the heaviest I've been all quarantine, and heaviest in a while.

This dietary shift is tough. I officially have no more non-vegan food in my house, except my last bottle of honey.

I started out with a really strict regimen, and probably needed to begin a little less ambitiously. Cut things out one at a time.

My first one is done -- no more non-vegan foods in the house.

These are the others that I was trying to adopt, with varying levels of success:

- no more processed foods (dark chocolate, hummus, and Ezekiel bread is okay)
- no more alcohol
- no juice, unless it's veggie juice, or lemon/lime juice thrown into a dish
- limit oils

Limiting oils hasn't been too bad -- I usually don't use much oil anyway. Alcohol, fruit juice, and especially processed foods have been harder.

I also want to think about sleep and exercise. My roommate's dog walk in the morning seems to usually wake me, even when I'm not done sleeping. My exercise has been sadly minimal.

So, what next?

1. Exercise, since the benefits will trickle down to other aspects.
2. Cut out the processed foods, and limit alcohol.
3. Drink more water.

I can tackle the other points later, once I get the hang of these items.

10:23 am - Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2021


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