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self protection, with enlightenment

Bad Roommie was saying mean things about her boyfriend to her dog today.

She's unhappy that he filled out a piece of paperwork wrong regarding their new (potential) lease.

She was yelling and cursing at the computer earlier, and banging her fists on the desk.


She's out to walk her dog, so I spied on her text messages with her editor / boss.

Boss: Everything ok?

Roommate: other than self doubt, yeah

I can't remember what the next line was, but it was kind.

I don't want to forget that narcissism stems from a deep insecurity.

But... it also means not having empathy. She has no empathy for me, so... I can have only a small amount for her.

Self-protection, with enlightenment.

Moving is a big change for anyone.

But... I'm worried about becoming homeless. SHE is worried about not becoming an editor someday. There's a big difference.

11:44 am - Monday, Jan. 18, 2021


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