backyard crowing


the idiot photographer

Men are trash.

Yet again.

At least I'm out of my house.

I guess I'll use this guy for sex...or just go home to my vibrator. Not sure which makes sense at this point, honestly.

I just don't understand how they are so stupid.

This is the third red flag for this "photographer" guy:

1. Doesn't mention he's fresh out of a relationship. (Breakup was only 2 weeks ago.)

2. Tells me a story about an attractive woman he saw at the tennis courts.

3. Then tells me about a woman he photographed with her family...comments on how beautiful and "natural" she is, and how the relationship with her husband seems abnormal. Sure, her husband is a dickhead, but I don't really care to hear about how gorgeous she is, nor be shown a hundred photos of her in quick succession.

Where do these men get ideas that this is at all okay?

Do they really think this is some sort of turn on?



7:46 pm - Sunday, Nov. 14, 2021


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