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people don't function in 90 degree apartments

"So much of our misery grows out of the gap between where we are and where we think we ought to be,” says Cook.

Agreed, to this random psychologist's comment.

I feel I should care about my job, and I do, kind of -- just not in action.

I often want to die, and imagine myself shooting my brains out. It's not a good mantra to have.

There's a heat wave in LA, which doesn't exactly help.

On Monday I plan to get blood tested for HSV 1, and 2.

I've had some symptoms that could be other things, so it's hard to say.

Nick has finally stopped contacting me -- I think.

He sexted me (with words not photos) yesterday and I didn't respond.

It's clearly unwelcome, and he's doing it anyway.

But I think he'll stop now. He probably imagines I've blocked his google number -- even though I haven't.

My mom overreacted and thinks I should call the police! Lol.

He's not dangerous in that way. But sexting when it's not consensual is harassment, that IS true. Technically I could call the police, but that's pretty overboard. At least at the moment.

The good news -- I have ordered an air conditioner off of Amazon! It arrives on Sunday. Thank God.

This weekend I have a backyard fire from last week, improv, a resume workshop, and ecstatic dancing on Venice Beach.

I light my weekends on fire!

I need to spend less.

And I'd like to figure out how to cook in my apartment...and I just so hate the parking situation in Hollywood.

I need to move.

At least now I'll have AC. Yesterday was unbearable!

What can I be thankful for?

Free lunch on the company today with my coordinator. She's a nice gal.

She works too hard.

I am not good enough to be her underling. At least not with the way I've been acting.

I just get so damn sad and lethargic.

Sorry...I guess this isn't a 'fun' post!

Ecstatic dancing on Sunday should be fun.

2:56 pm - Friday, Apr. 08, 2022


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