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Last weekend's dog sitting was chaotic...

But now they know me, they like me, they trust me.

And now I get to sit their dogs next weekend, too.

Off of the app, with no middle man taking 40%.

AND, perhaps best of all, I get to stay in their fairly cushy apartment.


I went to another enneagram event.

The leader is great, I still have a mild crush on him.

He's a 7. He has given up alcohol, caffeine, weed, and now most recently, porn.

He's part of a "no fap" community online. Wonder if he'll see Craig on there.

He says he has noticed that the way he notices women has changed.


Tonight I am going to Motown Monday with a new guy I met at a funk/soul dance a couple of weekends ago.

He's Canadian. Has no car. Lives in Hancock Park, I think? Or maybe it was the other one, the more ghetto one...there are many parks in LA.

He doesn't WANT a car, is the other part of this equation. He's even PROUD that he doesn't want a car. Wants to be eco-friendly.

My issue here is less to do with having a car, and more to do with feeling like he must not be ambitious even slightly. It's hard to have adventures without a vehicle.

The guy didn't kiss well, either.

He teaches mentally challenged kids.

I'm going to give him a few chances, because he seems earnest and kind. He's not bad looking, and he seems to be a happy go lucky do gooder. I enjoy Canadians, they are lovely people.

Who knows? This guy has potential.


In my dating life, I have become more picky lately.

It turns me off when:

- he doesn't have decent enough parking at his building
- he doesn't like to sing, dance, or act, or has no artistic pursuits
- he doesn't have or want a car

8:27 am - Monday, Apr. 25, 2022


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