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I went out on a date last night.

I used his bathroom.

He had no soap in the bathroom. No soap in the kitchen.

So I asked for soap.

He had a bottle of dish soap underneath the sink that I used.

The last man I dated had no soap in his bathroom.

He had dish soap only in his kitchen.

I'm not sure what's up with these dudes, but I am not on board!

I'm proud of myself for asking for soap during last night's date. It's a small thing, but it does show assertiveness. And cleanliness.

This guy had a bookshelf of books, but also playboys. Instant turn off for me.

He lives in MacArthur Park -- the ghetto one.

He works MWF at a school in [email protected] He has no car. He wants to be a simple dude. One of the common folk. He is very into politics.

The more I reflect, the less I like him.

As with most of these dudes I date...he's not a bad guy, but I don't want to date him, either.

Reasons I don't like him:

- no soap
- playboy, ugh
- has almost no ambition
- very into politics; boasted about his intelligence
- way too touchy feely - on the dance floor, in the bar, and at his apartment
- his bed was twin sized, and his couch tiny
- he said "you're a woman of substance," when I didn't want to be touchy feely with him. All that says to me is that a woman who is sexual quickly HAS NO SUBSTANCE in his mind. And that's really fucking lame.
- he says he and his wife broke up because due to his income, she treated him as "just a little person." I have a feeling there's way more to that story he's not including.
- he was embarrassing to be around in the bar, but I was supportive anyway...whatcha gonna do? Be a jerk to your date? That's not my style.
- I can see how in the future, he will resent my career, and I will in turn resent his. It was like this with R, too. Teachers sometimes feel they are high and mighty because they are doing a service for society; they sometimes devalue people working in entertainment, thinking it doesn't matter.

Reasons I like him:

- he seems harmless (but again...way too touchy feely)
- he isn't INSANELY ambitious
- fun to dance with, when he gives me space
- good recommendation of a bar
- isn't afraid to live in a dodgy neighborhood; not racist
- his place was fairly clean
- reasons to like him are few and far between, frankly...

2:08 pm - Tuesday, Apr. 26, 2022


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