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Thank you to dangerspouse and swordfern for the lovely note about soap. :D You guys are simply the best!!! I love love LOVED reading your comments! <3

Yes, no sandwiches from the no soap gentlemen, that's for sure!


In other news...

I have therapy today.

I have a tool to recommend to anyone out there who also struggles with depression. It's a site called You Feel Like Shit.

This site is a Choose Your Own Adventure for mental health issues.

So if you're down and not sure where to start to feel better, this points you in the right direction.

I've used it many times. Today too, in fact.

Sometimes I use it as a preventative measure, other times when I'm down.

10 out of 10, I do recommend. <3


The new agenda (analog planner) is in full swing. I dig it already.

I went to Paper Source and bought it for $8. Normally this planner is $40, but since we're halfway through the year, hooray for a discount!


My exhaustion from last weekend's dog sitting continues. I am le tired.

This weekend I am sitting a terrier mix. 8 1/2 years old, and super skittish about walking.


Last weekend I watched Made For Love and The Shrink Next Door.

The first one says some wonderful things about consent, and using barriers during sex.

In Shrink Next Door, I am reminded of my mother's experience in the 80s of being a mother. There's a scene in which the shrink says to his wife, "But you're SUPERMOM!" -- thinking it's a compliment that will make her suddenly not need a nanny to their newborn twins.

When she begs for a nanny, and he says no, she replies, "fine, I'll do it with my own money." And the look in his eye is one of fear.

My mother had a magnet on our fridge that said, "I'm not supermom. Get used to it." This was after my parents divorced.

I see things in the media about women, and the difficulties of being one, but this lens on the 1980s experience feels very familiar to me.

Some of the most insidious behavior towards women seems to be at home, behind closed doors.

In the realm of open doors, have you heard about the idiots who want to take away our right to abortion? It's crazy that this is still a thing we have to march for, but march we will.

2:29 pm - Tuesday, May. 03, 2022


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