backyard crowing


but how are you REALLY doing?

I am listening to a youtube clip called Happiness Frequency.

New agey stuff works, sometimes.

I want to feel happy and positive and motivated.

I am lonely, but I don't need to be.

I can reach out, I think.

I'm not always sure who to reach out to.

Maybe it's just fine to reach out to people who have rejected me romantically.

Lord knows Nick has no problem with that.

Maybe that's one of the hidden keys to happiness. Putting away our pride in exchange for lack of loneliness.

Some might disagree; saying it's better to just find new friends.

But there is a comfort in people who I already know.

I don't have to smart with small talk, with them. We can cut to the chase.

11:46 am - Monday, May. 09, 2022


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