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rainbow crystal puzzle

I spend so much time just trying to break even on being happy, or even content.

I want to start telling stories to myself, about myself, that are super positive.

Change the narrative.

Today I went to a cool weird store, and the art store.

Bought a puzzle at the weird store, and some mod podge at the art store.

I'd like to do the puzzle, glue it together, and then build on it.

Make some art out of it.

Art from art.


Craig has continued to write music. He edited a comedy film. The internet says his net worth is a million, which is bizarre. It could be lies. Doesn't make a difference anyway, and I never liked him for his money.

I really wish we could be friends.

I am starting to reach out a bit to others.

With some success, and some failure.

My platonic cuddle buddy doesn't seem to want to cuddle anymore.

Andy the bassist doesn't even want anything casual.

But I met a new friend, Katy, at the bar. She tagged me in her insta story. A ton of people saw it.

That's something.

She's trying to create new friendships, and leave her old ones.

2:18 pm - Wednesday, May. 11, 2022


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