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prude shaming (just as toxic as slut shaming)

I just heard the term "prude shaming" online, and it struck a chord.

When I was dating R in the early days, his roommate / cousin apparently said I was a prude. Not to my face, but I heard it via R.

And R said, "actually she's definitely NOT a prude, just the opposite."

He stuck up for me, but it stung, and I definitely never looked at his cousin the same again.

That guy is a hick. He wants not to be one, but that's what he is.

I deserved, and still do deserve, better than that family.


I'll never forget one particular time I talked to Craig about R.

I had gone with R on a mini vacation to a beach town, and while there, R said, "time isn't real, it's a figment."

Craig said, "Really? He really said that?"

(This was in reference to our 3-4 year long LTR, which was getting very old indeed.)

Sometimes when your current partner disses your ex, it's actually a beautiful thing. Sometimes it really is enough to help you mend.

I can recall dating Ryan, and talking a bit about my ex Craig.

Craig didn't like my laugh, or the sound of my voice...things he could have figured out immediately upon meeting me.

Ryan had things to say about this. He said Craig seemed like he thought VERY highly of himself indeed, to be hating on my smile, and my laugh. That Craig thought he was hot shit, basically.

It's not my intention to pit my exes up against each other. But sometimes conversations like this do happen. And it's not necessarily a negative thing.

I've done the same for my male friends, too. My platonic cuddle buddy (may he rest in turmoil) had a woman break up with him in part because their STAR SIGNS didn't match up the way she wanted.


12:32 pm - Monday, May. 16, 2022


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