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net worth nonsense

Craig's net worth jumped from 1 Million to 1.2 million in the last 10 days, lol.

I doubt that website is correct.

It's possible, but I now have my doubts.

I actually think it could even be a prank. Not towards me, but just like a general prank. He would arrange that kind of thing, for an art project, or for laughs.

It's possible he got money when his mother died -- although his dad is still alive, and elderly.

None of this really matters of course --

But it is fascinating how he acts like a child, and wants to be a child. He never wanted to grow up.

And I always did. I was always being underestimated.

The idea that someone like him "has his shit together" financially is funny indeed.

9:17 am - Wednesday, May. 18, 2022


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