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I'm pining after a guy - Jakob.

We met under strange circumstances --

I was at karaoke last Friday, and he sang, and I sang, and really a bunch of people sang.

We didn't make eyes or talk or anything.

After the event ended, he and his friends were walking home.

I was walking home too, and a girl from their group, we'll call her Willian, asked if I needed someone to walk with. For safety, since it was DTLA.

So I thanked them, and walked with them.

This ended up in me being invited up to their group hang! That was a blast. There was coke. I did not partake.

His friends are super cool -- they live in a gorgeous, large, high ceilinged apartment with a beautiful balcony overlooking the city.

It's filled with records, books, booze, and post production equipment. They are living the life. They bicycle, too.

I ended up crashing on their blow up mattress. Jakob crashed on their couch. He and I made out and he fingered me.


Well, mid entry, this whole story just ended.

He is likely dating Karaoke Girl -- or trying to.

Which means I'm not friends with her anymore.

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1:21 pm - Tuesday, May. 31, 2022


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