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Had a thought today regarding people who are well liked by the opposite sex. (Or same sex, if not straight.)

People who are well liked have SO many options.

But options actually make it more difficult to choose.

So maybe they don't have it as charmed as I imagine.

Hannah Hart briefly talked on her podcast about how when you're dating multiple people, and "keeping your options open," there can be a need to "close the loop."

In other words, it may be best to just block and unfollow people who aren't the right fit. Don't keep pining. Don't look at their social media. Don't communicate with them.

Because if there's some inkling of, "maybe it'll work out with that person," then it's tough to see the person in front of you.

I absolutely believe in dating multiple people at once. That's good advice for both women, and for anxious attachment types.

But when a "thing" with someone ends, wrap it up. It does no good to give people space in your brain if they aren't your person.

11:44 am - Tuesday, May. 31, 2022


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