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all your thoughts are belong to him

Jakob continues to be on my mind a lot...

He did finally respond, it took 2 days -- I'll be going to karaoke this week and next.

Next week, it will be with him and some of his friends.

I think it's important to realize that my affections for him are normal.

It does no good to call myself "crazy" for crushing this hard.

Everybody falls sometimes.

I am so distracted, even at work where I have so little to do. I dropped the ball yesterday on something so completely basic!

I think of him almost constantly.

I want to hear him talk about anything. And then jump his bones, gently and torturously.

Being in love or infatuation -- it's better than mourning my ex, that's for sure.

11:28 am - Friday, Jun. 03, 2022


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