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No Soap Guy Pt. 2

I gave No Soap Guy #2 a second chance.

It was a mess, y'all!

We started at one of my local neighborhood bars, to see some jazz.

I got there a few minutes after the jazz started, and got to watch for a good hour and a half after that.

That was the best part of the night. I should have just feigned an illness and bailed! Ah, well.

So Mr. No Soap comes in, and I've had two glasses of wine and three topo chicos so far.

We have some nice conversation. But what I find out is that no, unfortunately we really aren't compatible, even when sober. He talks about how he's a super great teacher. He talks about Canada, where he's from. His phone bleeps, and he has an alert from OkCupid saying, "you have a new match." He points to it and says, "lucky me!"

That was probably the first strike. But I'm not a fan of boasting, either.

He complains about how expensive LA is. He talks about taking a train to San Francisco. To avoid planes...because they are expensive.

He talks about dialects. He talks boringly about the War of 1812.

Then he says, "so what are we doing here, are we dating or drinking buddies?"

Okay, I'm tired and I've already processed this date fully with my therapist -- see y'all next time.

1:08 pm - Monday, Jun. 06, 2022


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