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to (not) be continued

Some updates.

I've blocked R on my phone, removed him on Insta, and the only last thread is facebook. I've unfriended all the friends we have in common, aside from my great aunt.

Why? He texted me and wanted to give me a call. Mostly, to tell me that he's moving in with his new GF in October. He was trying to rub it in, make it seem like he doesn't need me. Also -- he had me believing she had money, but apparently his mother is helping fund her move in with R.

And of COURSE she supports this move in. This girl doesn't want to leave Austin! So yeah, naturally she would like this girl.

Okay, moving on --

Jakob --

I sent him a text today at 11:30am and it's now 8pm. It was a funny SNL video. I pretty much decided that 6 hours would be too long for a reply. So yeah -- that punk doesn't like me back.

I'll see him on Friday though with his friends.

What's shitty is that he does invite me to things -- but always with his friends. And that's not a date.

On Friday we went to karaoke, and he went home with me after. The next morning he asked if I wanted to go see the new David Cronenberg movie. I said yes without really thinking much about it. I am up for an adventure, always.

He then called his friend and business comrade...and asked him to join.

I venmo'd him for the movie ticket.

He offered to pay me for my clean toothbrush, and I said no, don't worry about it.

I took him back to DTLA, to his car.

On the way he rubbernecked when he saw an attractive girl on the street.

And on the night of our "date," he kind of forgot about it. And then later showed up, with his crew.

Okay, I need to close this tab and get to work. Maybe I'll elaborate on this post later. To Be Continued.

And by that I mean he's not into me, and it shall not be continued.

5:30 pm - Monday, Jun. 13, 2022


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