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I google phrases frequently like,

"how to recover from romantic rejection"

"how to self soothe after you've been dumped"


One of the suggestions was to journal about it.

I don't really understand how I get so attached so quickly. I think it might have to do with how quickly I sleep with a man.

And today I am tired, so tired, and somewhat hungover. I believe that exacerbates the feelings of sadness.

I'm sad that I had something great, and now I have it no longer.

I worry I'll never find someone new. Or that if I do, it won't be as great.

I don't want to be single forever. I don't want to be single now.

A man I hit on at a bar on April 10th who friended me on insta --

Because he has seen my posts, we got to chatting a bit. And so now we're meeting up tomorrow.

So 3 months have passed... should I give him a chance? In practice, I am, because we're meeting up.

But should I take this with any kind of seriousness? He didn't move before towards me, so why would he now?

My body image issues I feel are at an all time high.

Sleep, I believe, will mend some of these feelings.

It has to.

3:20 pm - Saturday, Jul. 02, 2022


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