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Well, enneagram crush didn't work out.

He called me today to let me know.


- he went out on a date today
- on another date yesterday
- he's open to hanging out one on one, just not calling it a date
- he's okay being friends and seeing if something evolves

Basically I'm on his back burner.

I'm not sure it's a good idea to hang out with him as friends.

I might feel a little like I was wasting my time. Like my time would be better spent on an ACTUAL date with someone.

I do enjoy spending time with him though. I don't know.

We haven't kissed, what we did on our "datehang" was:

- go to a poetry/book reading at a bookstore
- take a walk
- have snacks at his kitchen table
- hang out on the couch
- he drove me to my car, and held my hand, and smelled my left arm

The date ended at midnight.


He told me on the phone call that he found me attractive. And even though it means my face/body wasn't the problem, it does help to hear that.

Because when women are rejected, we tend to immediately think it's because we aren't pretty enough. But that is actually not always the case.

And the whole damn WORLD tells us we aren't good enough physically.

So I did actually appreciate that when he told me he wasn't down, it wasn't due to my looks.

I don't know guys, should I hang out with him platonically?


He mentioned wanting to do karaoke. He said he thought I'd probably get back into it at some point. I don't particularly agree with him. I'd worry honestly that he'd hit on L!sa, and that I'd feel worse after.

I need to go out and do something for myself tonight.

It may be a night to go hit up Alamo drafthouse.

I'd like that very much.

Maybe I'll even get a shirt at Uniqlo. A little shopping therapy.

And then there's the Conga Room, that's nearby. It's the Jennifer Lopez bar, bahaha.

OOH! Or the pool at this fancy apartment. That sounds good!

I love dog sitting in swanky places. It's lit.

4:12 pm - Sunday, Jul. 24, 2022


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