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3.14 boyfriends (to my ZERO!)

I'm figuring out how to make exercise fun and not seem optional.

I think a key part of it may be the camaraderie factor.

So if anyone reading has a Switch, I have Ring Fit Adventure, if you want to exchange friend codes.

Also, Just Dance 2021.

I could be convinced, probably, to get another fitness game if anyone is into it.


I'm pretty resilient. I have to be. It's part of dating.

I'll write a post soon describing a rather awkward party from last weekend.

The wins:

1. I decided to show up at the party ... at all.
2. I stayed the whole night -- long enough to make it a tad uncomfortable for the asshole, and his kind date, who has 3.14 boyfriends :)

To explain:

She is in three long term relationships, and then she can see whoever else she feels like, on the side.

The guy I was very into for about 6 weeks who didn't like me back is part of the ".14" of her 3.14 boyfriends.

The Infinite Boyfriend Lifestyle!

I wouldn't want to hack that kind of life, but eh!

I could see it in her eyes that she felt sorry for me, as soon as she figured out what was up. The poly lifestyle doesn't only affect the people in those poly relationships...

I think it's funny how people think that soft spoken people just don't notice things.

I knew approximately 4 minutes into the party that he was on a date, and with which woman! And that she was poly! These things are plain to see.

It was kind of amusing to see that for her, he's just a sex partner, and not really a lasting thing. That makes me feel a bit better, at least.

11:17 am - Tuesday, Sept. 06, 2022


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