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should you be friends with someone who has rejected you?

Rejection is just redirection.

So --

Last Thursday I went out with a guy to a frozen yogurt place.

I thought we mostly hit it off. The one red flag was that he was kind of distracted and looking all over the place -- which honestly, is red flag enough.

He said he was demisexual.

He would look up at other women mostly, but sometimes even at other men.

If he was REALLY demisexual, I don't think he would be looking up at other women super often. The fact that sometimes he would look at men makes me wonder if he's ADHD, mostly because he never mentioned being bisexual.

So I reached out to see if he wanted to spend time again, and he said he wanted to pull back from the idea of dating, and just be friends --

Okay guys I ran out of steam on this post and got distracted with something else, looks like it's time to just post it and close this window already!

1:15 pm - Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2022


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