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My world feels rather rocked.

Mom told me that she and my stepfather are getting a divorce. They are in the process of doing paperwork and such.

She moved out of their home in April. I only found out yesterday.

Stepfather and stepbrothers -- I liked them, but wasn't particularly close with them.

I even occasionally thought that one day, maybe one of my stepbrothers would be a person I would marry.

I know, crazy. And when I look at his facebook profile now, I definitely think not...


I'm sad about the whole thing and it's hard to concentrate on work.

I need sleep.

I've been going really easy on myself with my various responsibilities. Just taking it as easy as I can, basically.

My mom went through a lot, growing up. She had to raise her two younger sisters, at times.

She told me yesterday a story about my grandfather's mother, my great grandmother --

They lived on some kind of rural property, and their dog *Souja attacked and killed a chicken. It was a hen, good for laying eggs, good for bringing in food and money.

Understandably, my 5 foot 2 great grandmother was incensed about this. So she beat the ever loving shit out of that dog, USING THE CHICKEN.

From then on, *Souja didn't touch a chicken. Not an alive chicken, nor chicken in his food bowl. He proceeded to live a chicken free lifestyle.

*Not really Souja's name, but you know, privacy!

2:46 pm - Monday, Sept. 19, 2022


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