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at least I'm not an alcoholic

A gratefulness entry --

I have struggles sometimes with food, but one thing I don't struggle with is alcohol.

And what a blessing, that coming from two families who have members who've had alcoholism,

I have managed not to go in that direction.

It's a good perspective, for when I'm down on myself.

I think there are times when I worry both of my parents, when they think I'm an alcoholic, but I know I'm not. My dad has even tried to make me feel guilty for enjoying drinking! And my mom, she just gets anxious. It's because their close family members have been down that road, and they're just worried.


Another couple of things:

When writing a gratitude journal --

Instead of asking what you're grateful for, ask what would make you sad if you didn't have it?

And -- it's a fake it till you make it enterprise. Not totally grateful for something?

Write it down anyway. You'll likely feel better.

Fake it or make it gratitude. Courtesy of "Buy Yourself the Fucking Lilies."

SO -

I'm very glad that I can responsibly use alcohol, and enjoy it, without it being a problem.

7:18 am - Friday, Sept. 23, 2022


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