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Got fired yesterday! But not for performance reasons.

And TECHNICALLY, we are in hiatus at the moment, due to the end of the work being reached.

So it's more like a "we're not asking you back," than a technical firing.

Some people would tell me to be grateful for this, believe it or not!


- my boss has offered to be a reference
- she says to put her email and cell phone down as a reference, and put it ON the resume
- she says I should still file for UI, because technically, I was in fact laid off, the show ended
- she says it's not due to performance
- she says I'm not flourishing, and she wants to see me grow

She says I don't have the light in my eyes, don't have that "spark."

Or whatever.

Taking away what I thought would be my livelihood so that I can somehow reach the upper echelons of Maslow's heirarchy without first having the lower echelons --

It's stupid. I'd rather be able to pay rent and survive, than to be homeless and reach my "highest purpose."

People are wild.

She referenced pendulums, and intuition, and crystals, and angel numbers, and she said she had a FUCKING FAERIE in her house.

I wish I was kidding, but I'm not.

San Francisco is not that far a drive.

10:50 am - Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023


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