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Anais - 2007-02-05 21:53:49
I was the first out of my group of four best friends to lose my virginity. I had sex with my boyfriend at the time because I truly loved him. It was my choice. Although he and I didn't stay together (we lasted for 3 years), I do not regret my choice of having given up my virginity. I am happy with the man I am with now and that is all that matters. It is good that you know what you want. Stick to it if that is what is in your heart. One of best friends had sex with a guy she wasn't in love with and she ended up pregnant. Although she is happily married to him now and they have a wonderful, loving relationship, she went through a lot and she had to grow to love him. Always follow your heart. never allow anyone to make you feel "weird" or inferior because of your personal choice to abstain.

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