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freakish dream

last night i dreamed that elyse and i were trying to get to a final exam, and neither of us had our cars. we were at the campus bookstore, but the bookstore was for some reason not on campus, and we needed a vehicle to get us to our quickly approaching test. the books were free, but for our exam, we had to borrow a book from the store, as it was an open book exam for a book that students didn't have. elyse grabbed five or six books, and i grabbed a whole lot more--the remainder of the stack. i remember her asking me why i took so many, and i told her i thought we were supposed to bring a bunch because then before the test we could choose the absolute best book of all of them, the one with no weird marks of sidenotes anywhere. she told me that i didn't have to take that many, and wondered if maybe the other students in the class would come to the bookstore and find that there were no books left, and panic. the idea that i might have been hindering other people worried me. we called for several taxis, but none of them ever came. oddly enough, this dream is set at night, even though finals do not occur so late. we became desperate and so when a weird old guy said he'd give us a free ride, we took the opportunity. after a few minutes in the car, we realize that he's not just weird, he's completely batty. we were afraid to go with him at first because of his creepiness, but decided that it was better to risk it and not be late to the exam. unfortunately, the plan backfired, and the guy spoke as if he were a robot. he would say strange sexual things, so we were concerned that he was going to try to rape us. we got him to stop, got out, and with some object managed to knock him out or kill him for the moment. we both had our cellphones, so we called the police. that is all i remember.

- Tuesday, Jun. 20, 2006


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