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now what makes YOU feel feminine?

what makes me feel feminine? what have been times when i've felt feminine?

-dressing way up

-being looked at by men

-making out, moaning :)

-decorating things slowly and carefully with a lot of expertise

-stretching out slowly, pretending a guy is watching me

-posing in front of the mirror when i'm all dolled up

-drinking a fruity drink

-watching a romance film

-getting teary over a beautiful song

-peacefully staring at the ceiling while laying on my bed

-cuddling with a guy - marcus, matt

-imagining that i'm cuddling with a guy

-imagining kissing him, running my fingers through his hair, generally adoring him in a sweet, caring fashion

-taking "care of myself" - of course :D

-preparing a complicated, healthy meal

-being chatted up/flirted with

-being tickled by a guy

-being offered a drink by a guy, or asked out

- thursday, feb. 12, 2009


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