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play the sunrise

remembering my past is exhausting. But at least I’m figuring out who I am. Today I’m remembering mr. holland’s opus, and the redheaded clarinet player who has a lot of difficulty playing. She’s crying, and mr. Holland goes to her and asks what’s wrong. She says that everybody in her family is good at something, they all have a talent. He asks her to name one thing that she likes about herself, and she says her hair, because her father says it reminds him of the sunrise. “close your eyes, and play the sunrise,” he says, and she does just that. at first she stops because she can hardly believe she’s playing it correctly, then she finishes it off…

The whole reason I decided to play clarinet was because of that scene, and her hair, and that song. I have the tune in my head today, I think I needed it.

Here’s the scene, I re-watched it and realized I forgot a couple of things. The piece she plays is called “Stranger on the Shore.”

I think I’m learning that it’s not called breaking, it’s called growing.

“Pick up your clarinet and play with me. This time, no music. Because you already know it. It’s already in your head and in your fingers and in your heart, you just don’t trust yourself to know that.” – Mr. Holland

- saturday, feb. 14, 2009


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