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texting: the death of romance

Wrote this a while back, can't remember when...

Texting is only in the man's favor.

It gives him the opportunity to put you on the back burner. i HATE texting. If I like you, I want to TALK to you, not spend 2 minutes punching in letters that would take me 30 seconds to say out loud. And I expect you to want to talk to me, too, if you care! If you don't then why are you texting me? it's to keep me in the running, in case some other chick doesn't work out. All too often people text open ended questions that need an actual conversation.

here's a hysterical video on texting...although it's actually terrible, because it's right on cue with shit that has gone down in my life. you may relate to it, too.

- sunday, march 1, 2009


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