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mmm...almost famous quotes

well. 3 more finals to go! i have completed polisci and sociology. today i have french, monday i have english, and tuesday it's history.
wednesday means switchfoot, baby!
i've tons of weird stuff left to do:
-get parking sticker
-sell used books
-get new books
-pay off library fine ($2.50)
-pay tuition
-get meal plan figured out
friggin' annoying.
mom is being a freak about it all. she's like, "wouldn't it be better if you just got it all done now?"
and i'm going, "what? no, everybody is waiting till next semester to get this crap figured out!"

i love love love patrick fugit.

Good quotes from Almost Famous:

"I've seen you, and you are not cool."

"Music is her religion."

"Famous people are just more interesting."

"William, I've seen the future, and this will turn out reasonably well!"
"Reasonably well?"

"I have to go home."
"You are home."

"I am a golden god!"

"We're going to try this one more time."

"This is a house of lies!"


"When do you get off? When do you get sweet? I am NOT sweet. I am dark and mysterious!"

"Don't worry. He only means half of what he says."
"Which half?"

"She used to run a school for band aids."

"There is nothing controversial about you."

"I know you were expecting puberty, but you're just gonna have to shine it on for a little while."

"I am a college professor. Why can't I teach my own kids? USE me."

"Don't take drugs!"

"I will call you if anyone anywhere gets drunk. Mom. STAY."

"What kind of beer?"

"Let's deflower the kid."

"Wanna buy a gate?"

"I'm getting good stuff out here."
"Sounds like it."

"See you in the real world."

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