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12/30/2004 12:20 am Listening to: one of momís three Sheryl Crow albums
To be specific, Iím listening to a song called The Book, one Iíve always liked. I can see a really beautiful music video in my head to go with it.
Miss Crow is now Mrs. Armstrong b/c she married Lance, who sells yellow LIVESTRONG bracelets. The proceeds go to kids with cancer. I have one of these bracelets, granddad gave me one and then uncle Tim gave me another.
Mom and I watched White Oleander, it was terrific. Mom says sheíll need to get some high quality Prozac if I continue to rent heavy movies like I have been lately.

Heavy movies seen lately:
White Oleander (rented by me, mainly b/c it has Patrick Fugit in it)
Thirteen (rented by me)
The Basketball Diaries (got it for Christmas from grandma mc)

Other movies seen lately:
Ruthless People (groan, itís one we own but I had never seen)
Private Benjamin (another one we own but I hadnít seen)
The Patriot (borrowed from my dad, I hadnít seen it)
Win A Date With Tad Hamilton (rented by me)
Under the Tuscan Sun (lovely film, mom rented this one)
Breakfast at Tiffanyís (rented by mom)
The Aviator (in the theatre, my choice of movie)
Finding Neverland (in the theatre, momís choice of movie)
Spiderman 2 (got it for Christmas from mom)
The Big Chill (mom owns it on video and I hadnít seen it)

Wow. Iíve seen thirteen movies recently. Iíve seen thirteen movies since I got let out of school on Dec. 15. YEAAAAAAAH!

Iíd like to see Spun, but Iím not sure if I should. E said, ďIíll watch it with you, if you want.Ē Ugh. I can handle watching a movie by myself, thank you very much. Oh well. I know she was just trying to be nice, but it still annoyed me. She went on to say that she thought it should have been rated XXXóin other words, porn. Which I can watch now, lol. Not that Iíd want to. Anyways, Patrick Fugit is in it, and itís the only major movie that heís been in that I havenít yet seen. His big movies:

Almost Famous (2001)
White Oleander (2002)
Spun (2003)
Saved! (2004)

He was also in a couple of episodes of Touched by An Angel and some movie about fire ants before his breakthrough role as William Miller in Almost Famous.
Do I sound knowledgeable? Ha.

Dr. T and the Women looks interesting. Itís a comedy, mother would be pleased.
Mom bought this cool book a few days ago, itís called Mother Daughter Movies, or something along those lines. It has not only ratings and synopsises of the films, but also stuff like:

-Bonding Potential
-Hankie Factor
-Hot guy Factor
-Does the sex scene make you squirm with your mom factor

Itís a very useful book.
Guess itís a bit late, eh? toodlesÖ

Now listening to: Sheryl Crowís All I Wanna Do (is have some fun)
Wonder if sheís right. But hey, if youíre having fun all the time, youíre a fair weather person. Being on holiday 24/7 canít be good.
I want to go clubbing with some friendsÖhavenít done that since last summer in France. And that was the first time I did it! Clubbing was really fun, but I wish the music had been quieter.

ďThis ainít no disco, and it ainít no country club, either. This is L.A.Ē ĖAll I Wanna Do

Today mom and I saw Finding Neverland, and we watched Breakfast at Tiffanyís. We went to Whole Foods and dropped off her car at the Saturn dealership to have it worked on for something. Mom says my ac isnít working. Great, another thing dad will have to pay for. That is, if he will. Ugh! Itís already t-shirt weather. Do you know how extremely depressing that is? Itís t-shirt weather on December 30, 2004. Somebody shoot me.

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