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12/28/2004 2:13 AM
Just finished watching Ruthless People. It was okay, but not just great.
Danny devito and bette midler star. Did you know bette actually sings, too?
E has seen her a couple of times in concert—apparently she puts on a real show, like broadway almost.
A couple of days ago I finished watching The Rutles and was very amused by it all. The amount of times that an English guy can say “actually” in one paragraph is astounding. My goodness! Schwartzenegger is not a very long name after all. What’s this with Leggy Mountbatten? I never understood that part. Oh, well. I shouldn’t expect myself to understand all the allusions, though I’d like to be able to. “Ouch” in place of the song “Help” was a cute spinoff. The one guy marrying a female Nazi was pretty funny too, but I didn’t understand it. Perhaps if I knew more beatle history I’d be clued in. the actor who played Mick jagger looked surprisingly like the rolling stone himself. One thing I didn’t like about The Rutles was that the film was constantly going into music video mode—we only need to hear the chorus to be entertained, not the whole song, people. Oh, well. They’ll learn. English humor (or should I say humour) is the best.
Btw jk rowling, u rock my world! (in a strictly platonic way, of course).
Let’s see…today (er, yesterday) I finished watching thirteen and walked 3 miles. Mom and I are going to go see The Aviator tomorrow! Woohoo. I love love love leo’s acting. Wonder what my friends are up to over the break…
Christmas was great fun this year, as always.
I’m so friggin’ tired!
O my goodness I’ve eaten WAY too much. I walked and ran some today—I didn’t eat a lot today or yesterday—but then I ruined it all by snacking while the movie rolled. I need to know when to quit. I shouldn’t have even watched the movie, I should have just gone straight to bed.
On Christmas day I played Catchphrase w/dad and grandparents.
Good grief I’m tired. Why did I eat that junk? Ugh. I’m determined to become (and stay) skinny in a healthy way. All this rich food around is making me crazy—I’ve got to eat healthy, exercise, and not overeat. Did you know there is actually an overeaters anonymous? Yeah, I found it on the web by accident when I was Googling for sthg completely different. OA—Overeaters Anonymous. Who’d a thunk it? Wonder what those meetings are like. Why is it that the media portray all young people as skinny? Seriously, have you ever seen a film where the protagonist is a young overweight person? No. I’ll answer that question for you.
What is it with my latest movie obsession? Do I want to bag French and take up a spot in the theatre? Director? Camerawoman? Costume designer? Dare I suggest actress?
I didn’t realize thirteen was an indie film. I like it better now because of that. The camera is really shaky throughout the movie, and it works. I watched it twice, once with the commentary by the director and a few of the main actors. I just loved hearing them talk about their baby. They had an extremely low budget, and they sometimes only had two or three takes of a scene. Some of the scenes in the movie were up to THREE minutes long w/o stop! That’s awesome. The main character’s brother is sooo cute. I forgot his first name, but his last name is Corbet. He’s not just a huge character, but we get to see a fair amount of him. He’s really amusing in the commentary, too. Unfortunately there are a few lines in the movie said by his character that I can’t seem to decode, he needs to be miked better, I guess. He has blonde hair, and I’m not one to flock to a blonde, but he’s got it.

“You’ve got it. And I don’t even know what it is. But you’ve got it. And that’s why you’re in the band.” --Jack Black in School of Rock

“The fur was thicker at Red Balls.” --Thirteen

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