backyard crowing


black hat boy

i don't know what i feel tonight. scared, relaxed, energized, subdued, in love--anything but tired. i came up with a list about him:

-creative writing
-1 brother, age 20
-business major
-went to the performing arts high school in houston
-deep voice
-bike seat got stolen
-bike got impounded b/c he didn't have a bike sticker
-the princess bride
-sleep cycles
-wants to be in business honors school, don't know if he is or not
-beautiful smile
-dare i say handsome? well, he is...
-likes his black hat
-waited for a friend in jester
-gave me a slow nod in the hall
-opened the door for me
-took off his hat while doing so, what a gentleman!
-knows what he wants out of life, doesn't want to go to college because he already knows what he wants to do...which is, i have no idea!

i don't know why i chase these guys. physiologically i suppose i know--they have something we don't. guys know how to hang out too, to party and just have laid back fun. they're really good about chilling with little drama, i like their way. and they talk after all. society makes them appear so tough that they don't express themselves or their feelings, and in some cases that's true, but not always. i like guys, i truly regret not having more guy friends. but hey, "it's never too late to be what you might have been," as my former assistant principal once wisely said. so hello boys! i'm here to befriend you. your friendly neighborhood friend who is a girl. yup. i have arrived.

- 2006-01-30


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