backyard crowing


Blaine reappears

[jane] hey!
(0:38) [blaine] hi jane, how have you been
[jane] good, long time no chat
[jane] did you go to ottowa
[jane] i started school again, it's crazy busy
(0:39) [blaine] i did, it was a good wekeend
(0:39) [blaine] yeah i'm back too
(0:39) [blaine] a lot of things to finish, i was actually just reading something for tomorrow
* jane hugs blaine
(0:40) [blaine] aw thanks jane
(0:40) * blaine hugs jane back
* jane listens to 311's hostile apostle
[jane] oh, i got a new roommate
(0:41) [blaine] is she cool
[jane] she hated this dorm, we got along though
[jane] yeah, awesome
[jane] more of a friend than the last one
[jane] to me, anyway
(0:42) [blaine] that's cool
(0:42) [blaine] i'm glad for you
[jane] probably b/c the last roommate already had several buddies, and now the new one doesn't know anyone
[jane] so we're both looking for friends
[jane] thanks!
(0:43) [blaine] well that's good that you get along
[jane] yes, it's great
[jane] have you seen any good movies lately
[jane] qu'est-ce que t'ecoute
[jane] s
[jane] or is it qu'est-ce que tu ecoutes?
[jane] ah well
[jane] i should know though
(0:46) [blaine] i'm not really sure, but spoken out loud no one would care
(0:46) [blaine] i haven't really watched many new movies lately
(0:46) [blaine] i watched o brother where art thou and magnolia
(0:46) [blaine] but i've seen them already
[jane] steel magnolias?
(0:47) [blaine] no
(0:47) [blaine] magnolia
[jane] or just magnolia
[jane] ok
[jane] haha
(0:47) [blaine] steel magnolias is a girl movie
(0:47) [blaine] i would never choose to just watch that for no reason
[jane] indeed!
[jane] lol
[jane] but if i asked you to go see it with me you might
(0:48) [blaine] sure
[jane] i only go to a horror movie if a guy wants to see it
Could not send: ack
(sent while offline) [blaine] if it made you happy, why not
[jane] aww thank you
[jane] hey have you heard of the melodians?
[jane] they're ska/reggae
(0:51) [blaine] no i haven't
[jane] i just heard of them yesterday, interesting sound
[jane] so are you on here less often now or i'm just never on when you are
[jane] do you have msn?
[jane] oh i saw high fidelity! AWESOME!
(0:54) [blaine] yeah, i'm not really on here too much
(0:54) [blaine] wow yeah, high fidelity is great
(0:54) [blaine] i agree on that one
[jane] i am [email protected] on msn, but i only sometimes check that mailbox
(0:55) [blaine] well i will e-mail you if it's been too long without a jane fix !
[jane] ok!
[jane] hehehe
[jane] how will i know it's you?
(0:56) [blaine] i'll make it clear
(0:56) [blaine] ;)
[jane] hehe okay
* jane kisses blaine
(0:57) [blaine] aww
(0:57) [blaine] cute jane
(0:57) [blaine] hold on a second, i have to go check something
[jane] ok
[jane] guys had such good taste in clothing in the 70s
[jane] except leisure suits
[jane] ......yeah
[jane] gotta go, blaine
[jane] a tout a l'heure, leave me a note if you want
[jane] mwah
(sent while offline) [blaine] ahhh i'm sorry jane, i went to ask my sister a question and she wound up talking my ear off! sorry i missed you

- 2006-02-02


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