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Books that Lisa Loeb thinks I should read, because I'm into writing:

Natalie Goldberg:
-Wild Mind
-Writing Down The Bones

Whatever. She has some new reality show called Singled Out which consists of her trying to find a husband. Seems like a self-involved attempt at saving a career.


i just saw a documentary on the invisible children.

i also saw a documentary called the yes men.

they were both for rtf.

i saw david today for the first time in quite a while, and also jaime, ashley, robson, ramon, and kate (in the shower room putting on aloe for a sunburn). it was really, genuinely nice to see them again. i hope maybe i'm invited to hang out tommorow night, for whatever they have planned. there's always something going on friday nights.

i love dear kate! she is such a sweetheart. i forgot how she said she got her sunburn.

and the hub is down, believe it or not. yeah, that ut-wide illegal downloading place will go down tommorow.


something my cousin wrote in her blog:

"i wish i could experience somthing and totally not take if for granted without having it to be taken away. better appreciation for life. there are days, like today, where i think my sight is totally wasted on me. i barely looked around all day, i didn't enjoy all they beauty around me nearly as much as i should."

this is what i wish i had written in reply:

oh, jenna. i think maybe i know what you mean. it's like when you're in class and you realize that you haven't looked at anyone the whole time, or that maybe you're so secluded into your own world--staring at the ground as you walk to class, or at your desk when you finally arrive, that you just missed living. i'm sorry you're having a time of it!

in other news, i'm switching majors from french to journalism, if (and that's sometimes a very big 'if') everything works out. we shall see, i don't know what i'm doing with my life. how is it being a Christian is so simple, and yet so hard?


- Thursday, Apr. 20, 2006


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