backyard crowing


is it summer yet?

i feel like summer. i feel like sunburns and highlighted hair and soft foam sandals and easy free feeling breezes. i wore a white cotton skirt today.

listening to: we got more bounce in california

not listening to: my roommate's scary singing

it always amazes me how people can say that people "either love or hate" something, because if that statement was true, then would they even realize it? if one could either love or hate something, would they not solely consider their own point of view? to say that one can "either love or hate" something requires an observant person indeed, someone who can wiggle into the shoes of others.

funny harry potter icon:

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patrick fugit macking on mccaulay culkin in the bloopers of the Saved! dvd:

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4:05 am - Sunday, Apr. 23, 2006


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