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i'm thinking quite seriously lately about switching to another blog host. i need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of what i have now, and see which one outweighs the other.

what has diaryland sucked at?:
1. they don't answer my e-mails, and i'm PAYING them twenty bucks every three months.
2. i can't seem to figure out how to make an icon for my profile pic.
3. i can't seem to figure out how to make a favicon.
4. i still have to link to diaryland, and my profile and notes pages are, somebody's else's layout.
5. no one cares about/reads my blog.
6. it's more of a pain to make an entry private. (why? b/c i've never actually done it. i know it's feasible, and that somewhere in the help section i could figure it out, but it's just a lot more difficult than simply clicking "private" to indicate a private entry, like you can do in lj or xanga).

what has diaryland rocked at?:
1. it's very easy to upload and display photos.
2. i'm more familiar with the html.
3. i feel like my layout expresses who i am, and if i feel like changing it, it's relatively simple to do.
4. i get to see the ip addresses of the few people who visit the site!

i've come to the conclusion that in order to get really hardcore about this journal, i need to do some serious html learning and investigating. i feel like i have already learned so much about hyper text markup language since the start, but there's much more to find out about, so call me curious.
i've realized there are SEVERAL bands that i always associate with one another, and for good reasons. the bands are as follows:

george harrison & the beatles (harrison was a beatle)
mogwai & menomena (i discovered them at the same time, and they came reccommended from the same source,
the police & sting (sting was a part of the police)
the postal service & death cab for cutie (the lead singer of death cab for cutie is ben gibbard, whose side project is the postal service)
bloc party & franz ferdinand (bloc party toured with franz ferdinand and rode on their coattails to fame, the two bands have a strinkingly similar (but oh-so-awesome) sound)
everytime i walk down the hall anymore, i hope he's there, so i can jump on him.
this would never happen, but maybe, just maybe, we would discuss something. doesn't matter what.
this is a beautiful song, if you haven't heard it, buy/download it:

"You deserve to be loved
You deserve something real
Time to heal
Time to feel"
- "To Be Loved," Curtis Stigers
here are some people i've located on livejournal:

trammers - tram h (band, french horn)
utbri16 - brian h (elem. school, lives in my building)
stephie120 - stephanie seu (saxophone, humanitas)
zachismisit - zach (forgot the last name he was a band nerd too)
mommy8me - wade b (haha! middle school sax!)
idiosyncratic1 - russell v (yeah! elem. school, middle school bass clarinetist, in mrs. hermann's english with me during 7th grade, and he goes to ut now too--RTF major)
littlemrdustin - dustin (band, bassoonist in high school, now goes to nyu, a nice guy)
dancingmelon - melissa/melon (french class, also a t-sip now)
theshelbster - shelby b (fellow bass clarinetist, now goes to sam houston i think)
cubedham - marie h (band of course, she was prez, and humanitas)
bandrew04 - andrew (band, trombone, didn't know him too well)
drumrgril311 - lauren a of course!
s00perc00l - the evil lauren w

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