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Dear David,
Maybe you've noticed this, but I think very highly of you. I have a journal entry from 8/29/05 saying I met you in an elevator. So, I think about you often and I read your facebook profile before you could even remember my name. When I started dating Robson, your next door neighbor, it was only because you didn't seem to be making a move. I love hanging out with you, David. I want to see more of you, but today you told me you have a date with a beautiful girl this week. I congratulated you. You've told me about your brother, and how close you are. I met your brother today, you introduced me. He's a nice guy, he's engaged to a french girl, a Nutrition major at that. I don't know what else to say, David. You're either not interested in me, or you're completely daft. I've often thought about just knocking on your door and asking you to take my virginity, once and for all. But it's not really about sex, David. You inspire me, you make me laugh, I love being around you. You are considerate of other people, yet you defy them as well. You go against the grain, but you care genuinely about others. Maybe I'm putting you up on a pedestal, but this is what I have seen of you so far. And when you turned to me tonight and said, "This is fun," I told you that "Yes, it is." I just wish you realized how much fun I really have with you. You completely baffle me. When I'm lonely it's you I think of, and I wish you were here. Bumping into you is always the highlight of my day, sometimes of my week. Please, just know how I feel. Do what you want with it. I want to curl up next to you and just sleep. I don't care about much, but you have gotten to me.
Be well,

6:40 am - Wednesday, May. 10, 2006


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