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quelle coincidence

so, my latest david fantasy is that i have just moved to new york, and i'm writing obits for the new york times or something. i graduated not long ago and i'm finally escaping texas.

one morning i go for coffee and i see him. i approach him and we hug, and do the typical small talk, surprised to have run into each other in such a big city. i tell him where i'm working, and he tells me he's working at some meditation or yoga center in the city. i tell him it was nice seeing him, and then go off and write my number on a piece of paper. just as he walks out, i say, "Oh, david--wait! Here's my number, in case you ever want to go get coffee or your car breaks down or something." he thanks me kindly, looks curiously at the number, and asks, "hey, where are you living?" i tell him what apartment complex, and he is amazed, because he happens to live on the same floor that i do. what a coincidence that twice in our lives we have lived in the same building and on the same floor. fate, no?


i give him my cellphone number, and he doesn't recognize it as a number that is similar to his apartment number. sure enough, his car breaks down and he has no one else to call. i'm not much help, since i know nothing about cars, but eventually he is out of his rut, and we figure out that we live just a few feet away from each other.

and then of course we fall in love and move in together. voila.

i have an overactive imagination, and i think i like it.


today i went to chick-fil-a for lunch. the guy at the window was especially nice, maybe it was the hair. he smiled a lot, and i said 'thank you' a lot. he told me it was 'his pleasure', and let his hand linger on mine a bit. he was probably in high school, he looked awfully young. it was nice though, to be noticed like that. i don't think he knows that i'm applying there. ;)

i'm 20. i really have no business flirting with high schoolers, oh well. he brought it on!


"how dare you make me blue?
could you make me any more blue?"
-'have you got it in you', imogen heap



i have a twist on the chick-fil-a boy story.

picture this:

i go into a *ahem* sex shop and decide to spring for a vibrator. i buy with cash of course, and i'm very discreet about the whole operation. fortunately the cashier is a lady, and very cool about it all.

a few days later, i run into chick-fil-a boy somewhere else (for some reason i'm picturing the rennaissance festival) and we remember each other. we start talking about something, and as usual around guys, my face turns beet red. as he is about to ask me out, his mother walks up to say something to him. she sees me, red-faced, and him, a bit flustered. she is the sex shop owner, and my skin goes completely pale. she smiles to herself and says she'll be in some other area of the park for the next couple of hours. maybe i faint, that would be funny...right into his arms. he takes the smelling salts lodged between my breasts and i come to. we avoid the crowds and escape to the sanctuary of the water gardens, where he lays me down gently on the foresty floor and unhooks my bodice so i can breathe more easily. we sit and talk and kiss lazily for a couple of hours until he has to leave.

i've been reading too many romance novels lately.


i really don't worry about anything anymore when i listen to imogen heap's music...she just takes me away, and away i am.


oh, and this font? i am totally digging this font. i just wish i could figure out what it is, but xanga doesn't seem to allow that.

i'm still jobsearching, hopefully next week i'll be employed.

had an interview at kohl's today, it was surprisingly short. try 6 minutes. i wish it had gone longer, that kind of brevity makes me nervous...

but the guy's name was jo, and i think chaps named jo are pretty nifty, for obvious reasons.

i'll have an interview at a movie theater on monday, and then another on tuesday with a grocery store. an ice cream place should be calling me back soon, too. high hopes, high hopes!

- friday, Jun. 02, 2006


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