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I think my relationship with my mother will improve greatly now. At least I hope so. I mean, she'll always be my enemy, but for the moment life seems to be going a little better for she and I. Dad and grandma have been praying that I find a job, and so have I. Linda (k and l's mom) gave me some tips, and mentioned I might try a different kohl's, as she knows the manager there quite well, and i even met the guy while we shopped for k & l's work clothes.

so jimmy hasn't befriended me on, i probably freak him out, bigtime. either that or he has nooooooo internet access for a few weeks.

oh, and first semester's roommate, cristy? yeah...she de-friended me on facebook. DE-FRIENDED ME! um...that's incredibly rude. now, if there were not a way for a person to know that another person had de-friended them, then that would be just fine. but as it is, i KNOW when a person has de-friended me. Ugh. she must really have hated me, and i don't know why. i have to wonder if it's because she wasn't comfortable with me because i come from a wealthier family than she does? yikes. i really hope that's not it, but perhaps that's the reason. also...i am a night owl, and she was not. we didn't talk or communicate very often. well, we did SOMEtimes...


DECISION: I am NOT going to hang out at all with Zinnia next year, even though she lives on the floor directly below me. She does not deserve my kind of friendship. There, that is what I have decided. I will be better off without her.

Hell, I hardly knew her last year and she got to me! I cannot imagine being besties with such a girl. And living with her?! Leila made the right choice, she and Zinnia would not work.


this kind of psychology makes me angry:

Girl 1: She only goes for temporarily coloring her hair. Y'know, the 28-day color you find in a box.
Girl 2: Oh, why?
Girl 1: Because she's non-committal like that.

"Bollocks!" - V for Vendetta

- Tuesday, June 27, 2006


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